Chesterfield Art Club

Chesterfield Art Club

The Chesterfield Art Club is a friendly, well established club, first set up in 1929. We have a strong membership currently standing at around 55, still with a limited number of places available for new members. No specific qualifications are required to join, just an honest interest in art, and a willingness to get stuck in. The Club meets on the second and fourth Friday of the month at Whitecotes School, Whitecotes Lane, Chesterfield, between 7.30 and 9.30 pm, with occasional gaps in the calendar for holidays. The Club seeks to promote art in an interesting and sociable way, and as such has a full and varied programme of activities throughout the year. The regular Friday meetings alternate between Work nights with the option to work on a shared theme, or do your own thing; Nominated Subject nights, where we all bring in work, done at home to a given theme, for comment and advice; and Demonstrations which are given by visiting professional artists. There are other non-Friday Club activities organised throughout the year varying from outdoor painting sessions, and organised visits, to the annual Club Exhibitions and competitions. If you wish to learn more about us come along to one of our meetings where you will be made most welcome, and can get a taste of what we are about. Further information may be obtained by contacting Hilary Broad on 01246 237393 Or by e-mail [email protected]

Welcome to THE CHESTERFIELD ART CLUB Established 1929
CLUB PRESIDENT Pollyanna Pickering
The following is a guide to club activities and responsibilities of membership.
The club aims to promote art in an interesting and sociable way and, as such, events and activities are organised in a friendly and co-operative manner.
CLUB MEETINGS usually take place on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Whitecotes School on Whitecotes Lane, Chesterfield. Volunteers to set out the room and prepare the meeting may arrive earlier from about 7.00pm. Please see the Annual Programme of events for a more specific timetable and details about each meeting.
A KITCHEN ROTA is provided for pairs of members to take turns making the tea & coffee at the break. If you are unable to attend your session please ensure that you arrange for a substitute in good time before the meeting.
All members and visitors are required to sign in at the door ( this is to comply with fire regulations ) and also pay any relevant attendance fee at this time. Members pay 50p per meeting, which includes free tea or coffee at the break and a Monthly Newsletter. Visitors are asked to pay 5 pounds per meeting. There may, however, be increased charges for certain special events.
The ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, which is currently set at 25 pounds, must be paid before the end of February in any year in order to retain member status. Depending on the time, joining part way through a year may entitle new members to a reduced fee for that year.
The regular Friday club meetings alternate between DEMONSTRATIONS, WORKNIGHTS, and NOMINATED SUBJECT NIGHTS, with occasional one off meetings.
For DEMONSTRATIONS you need only turn up, enjoy the demo, and help tidy away afterwards. Throughout the year we have a number of visiting guest artists who demonstrate working in a variety of media and techniques. Suggestions for new demonstrators always welcome.
WORKNIGHTS vary in nature according to the type of activity on offer. Some sessions invite members to apply their own interpretation to a set subject. At other times members may be asked to work in a set manner towards a common theme. You can also do work of entirely your own choice if you wish. In any case it is always an enjoyable and relaxing evening. You are usually required to come fully equipped for these sessions, but are given advance warning as to exactly what to bring.
For NOMINATED SUBJECT NIGHTS members bring examples of their work directly related to the nominated subject theme. Ideally this would be current work specifically produced for the occasion or, if not, appropriate work produced previously. Each piece is displayed in turn and artists are invited to say a few words about their work. For example how it was produced, any problems encountered, or personal anecdotes related to the work that may interest people. It is an ideal opportunity to seek oppinion and suggestions on how work might be improved. If you do not have anything appropriate just come along and see what other people have produced.
A number of EXHIBITIONS are booked throughout the year at different venues and members are invited to submit usually up to six pieces of work per exhibition with a hanging fee per picture of £1.50 - there is also a fee of 50p per additional day. Not all work exhibited has to be for sale.
Details of each exhibition are provided well in advance and members are asked to help out with arrangements such as transporting easels, advertising, and stewarding. The main Club Exhibition for members takes place in October and awards for best in category are usually presented by the Club President Pollyanna Pickering at an evening social event.
OUTDOOR PAINTING DAYS are arranged at various times of the year at different places in order to give members the opportunity to work outdoors with others of a similar mind. These sessions are informally structured with someone just taking responsibility to co-ordinate the day. Their success depends on the support of interested parties, and of course the weather.
CLUB COMPETITIONS take place at different times of the year, one of which is based on results from the outdoor painting days.
We usually have a number of extra workshops, visits, and social events during the year providing further opportunity for members to get to know one another.
The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is when the committee reports back to the members on the activities and formal issues of the club over the preceding year. It is also the occasion when members vote in the new committee. Several weeks prior to the A.G.M. Nomination forms are issued giving all members the opportunity to nominate candidates for election onto the new committee. Anyone in the club, who wishes, may be nominated for election by a proposer and seconder.
After the A.G.M. the rest of the evening is given over to an open forum where members may discuss any issues of interest or concern.
Around the same time as the nomination forms are issued members are also invited to fill out the suggestions forms for the Annual Programme, although suggestions are always welcome at any time.
The committee keeps members informed about activities and any developments via the Annual Programme, the Monthly Newsletter (also available online), and announcements at club meetings. However, if you are unsure about anything don't hesitate to ask a more established member, or make use of the following contacts :-
Chairman Tony Marron 01246 276693
Secretary Julie Nixon 01246 237291
Treasurer Hilary Broad tel 01246 237393
Exhibition Secretary Andrew Aucock 01246 270712
The Newsletter and Annual Programme are available on request from the club secretary
The club has an Artist's Directory that contains information and an illustration of the work of individual members.
The character and continuing success of this club is very dependent on the support and involvement of all members, whether this is by way of ongoing attendance at meetings, sharing the tea rota, stewarding exhibitions, or making contributions towards club activities.
We very much hope you will enjoy being part of our club.


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