Frome Botanical Artists

Frome Botanical Artists

A group of 19 botanical artists who live in and around Frome exhibit regularly. The annual exhibition showing their latest botanical work in watercolour, pen and ink, and graphite can be seen at 'The Studio' Spread Eagle Courtyard, Stourhead, Wiltshire, on weekend 5th and 6th November 2016. Exhibition open 11 - 5pm.  A good time to see our exhibition of new work and for a roam to see the autumnal scene in the gardens.

Sylvia Balch
I hold a class of 20 students at the Frome Cricket Pavilion on a Friday. This class originated in Frome College 15 years ago. We put an exhibition on each year either in Frome or Stourhead. We mainly work with watercolour and occasionally pen and ink. I specialize in botanical illustration and botanical painting. We study by looking closely at plant material and compose then draw the specimen to scale and apply watercolour paint so as to create a two dimensional image of the plant. This does take some time to create, one week to one month depending on the size. The image will appear life like and should appear pleasing to the beholder. Our exhibition will show our latest work, both framed and mounted artwork also quality cards, packs of cards and notelets. The group when exhibiting is known as Frome Botanical Artists.


Pen And Ink, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour


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