Artists of the Year 2021

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What is SAA Artists of the Year?
SAA Artists of the Year competition has been running for over 20 years, attracting over 19,000 entries in just the past five years, from all levels from beginners to professionals.
What we are most proud of is that our Artists Of The Year competition is the most inclusive competition in the UK: anyone can enter, and our range of awards and prizes means that even as a beginner you can win big.
SAA Artists of the Year is the UK’s most inclusive art competition and attracting over 50,000 entries over its lifetime. We want to inspire artists at all levels and abilities to share their passion and be proud of their accomplishments. It is free to enter, making it highly accessible to all.
2021 saw the greatest competition yet, sponsored by some of the world’s leading art material manufacturers; Daler-Rowney, Maimeri and Royal Talens. We received almost 3000 entries, the judging was carried out by three SAA professional artists, and for the first year, guest judges Lachlan Goudie, known for his time as BBC tv art judge, and Neil Buchanan, internationally acclaimed artist and multi award-winning television presenter and producer.

About the SAA
SAA stands for ‘Supporting All Artists’ and is the UK’s leading hub of online art inspiration, tuition and art materials. We believe in supporting everyone with their journey in art and we understand that everyone’s journey is different.
We’ve got a wealth of tuition and inspiration from a whole host of expert artists waiting for you to explore, as well as an exclusive Knowledge Hub for those who want to get their art questions answered.
Founded in 1992, the mission of the SAA has always been to inform and encourage and inspire all artists, and over the years we’ve evolved making sure this inspiration is as relevant today as it was back then.
As part of our portfolio of activities, we run a variety of competitions and challenges, to help our members and customers explore their talent and challenge themselves.

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