Rugby, Warwickshire

Ije (eejay): A British/Nigerian artist-healer. I am a multifaceted artist using painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and words to express a sensuous exploration of the natural and industrial world. Despite challenges I am physically engaged in encounters with landscape, the elements, and my making.
My sensuous practice draws on a lifetime of moving across the UK and beyond exploring landscapes, from wild spaces of mountains and coastlines, to mining and farming communities to industrial towns and cities. My artworks are products of immersive experiences, connecting audiences with the transformative properties of expansive natural spaces. They are textured with inclusions of found/repurposed/manufactured materials and often described as bold and energetic, reflecting the feelings, political resonance, and sensuousness of my encounters. Photographs/videos/audio recordings initially capture glimpses of the times and spaces that I occupy in the world.

I am an artist: I am a writer, an explorer, a poet, painter and photographer, a creator and a healer. I am a sculptor, an adventurer, a walker and a runner, a performer, thinker and catalyst. I look towards, I look onto, I look through and on the face of things; I encounter, touch, feel, remember, imagine, and fabricate.

I work as a freelance artist / curator and healer, take commissions, exhibit and sell my work. I am a prolific maker and work across several ongoing lines of enquiry concurrently.


Acrylic, Acrylic Inks, Mixed Media, Oil, Oil pastel


Abstract or Experimental, Landscape, Seascape

Favoured Products & Brands

Lukas Farben, ARA acrylics, Golden, Liquitex, Amsterdam Expert, Old Holland, Sennelier, Michael Harding, Winsor & Newton Artists, Wallace Seymour


Chameleon Art Prize winner
CHAMELEON: CONTEMPORARY COLOUR EXHIBITION at Surface Gallery, Nottingham; Oct 2019