Angela J Simpson

Thurso, Caithness

My artwork depicts rural life, it’s landscape and inhabitants. I started painting pet portraits to fund my college years and I am still taking commissions nearly 30 years later. Animals continue to be an inspiration, and I am always sketching those around me in the Scottish  Highlands. To me they all have a personality, deserve a human name and are simply begging to have their portrait painted, perhaps this is why my portraits are described as being sensitive and full of character.
Having graduated in landscape architecture I am still attracted to the pattern and form of the landscape. In July of this year I decided it was time to incorporate the landscape into my work, and started a daily oil painting en-plein-air and since 2011 I have been keeping a weekly blog of my artistic journey.
I meet most of my clients online and post my art worldwide, but it’s always a pleasure to meet people in person. My art is exhibited locally and I offer painting demonstrations and tuition.


Drawing, Gouache, Oil, Pastel, Pen And Ink, Pencil/Charcoal


Animal or Wildlife, Landscape or Woodland Scene