Ann Fairchild

Canterbury, Kent

Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking through my on line galleries whether you are interested in buying a painting or just want to see more examples of my work. I grew up in rual Suffolk painting the local landscape, twice winning the Constable-Reeve prize for painting while at school. I moved to Kent to study at Canterbury College of Art and in 1985 graduated with a degree in Fine Art. I later studied at Canterbury Christ Church college and was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I like to paint in a traditionl Chinese style under my Chinese name An Fei. I have found that the sensuous and responsive nature of the materials and the traditional Chinese approach to painting from nature is very close to my heart. I like to paint in both Xie Yi - Spontaneous Style and Gong Bi -Meticulous Style. I was Chairman of The London Chinese Brush Painters Group from 2004-2009, and I am member of The Society of Chinese Brush Painters. If you would like to purchase a painting, would like more information about my tuition, or any other aspect of my work, please contact me by leaving a message on this web site.


Chinese Brush and Ink