Anne Barron

Burra, Shetland

I'm a self taught artist with a life-long passion for drawing and a love of animals - combining these two elements as a "job" is a dream come true. Since relocating to Shetland in 2007, I am finding the wonderful landscapes, wildlife and seascapes of my new home are my main inspirations. I have a small studio In my garden and can offer one-to-one tuition or small groups on the basics of painting or drawing.




Seascape, Various, Wildlife

Favoured Products & Brands

I have always enjoyed pencil and charcoal but prefer to sketch often with artists fineliners. I love my Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils for detailed animal paintings and love to work on Hahnemuelle Pastelmat paper, and a new favourite are my Schminke mica watercolours. Love art shops and stationery shops so tend to be a bit of a magpie for art materials, lovely pens, papers, etc.


Conservation Artist Award from the Worldwide Nature Artists Group (June 2006) for excellence in art and extraordinary work in conservation