Anne Kerr

Urb Monte Pego 11 Buzon 336, Alicante

My name is ANNE KERR, I run painting holidays in Europe and I specialise in commissions for animal portraits in pastel.  I also run classes in watercolour, line and wash and soft pastel.  I have a picture framing workshop at my home studio on the Costa Blanca, Spain. I am in the process of launching a series of e-books on painting animal portraits in pastel. These are now available to download from my website.  I regularly write articles on many forms of painting and drawing for 'Leisure Painter' magazine.

 I am a great believer in the saying ' anyone can do anything if they really want to'. This also applies to painting! There are no great secrets to painting, you just need a little basic help from a good tutor and the rest is up to you. It's called PRACTICE!  Painting is no different to anything else we learn. The more we practice the better we get. I have been interested in art ever since I was a little girl (it was about the only thing I could do right at school!)  When I went to school most things we did were either right or wrong, therefore we became very inhibited in case we got it wrong. There is no right and wrong in painting and drawing. If you are pleased with what you have done then it's 'right' If you are not pleased then it just needs more PRACTICE! - it's not 'wrong'.  I encourage my students to listen to all the advice they are given by people, then only take on board the bits of the information that they think will be useful to them. I love to teach people who are either complete beginners or have not painted for a long time. My classes are always very relaxed and fun. I am a qualified teacher and therefore make sure my classes are well structured and informative. I get very annoyed when I see painting 'classes' advertised only to find that there is no real tuition going on. These are not 'classes', they are just workshops. I like people to go home at the end of the day knowing exactly what they have learned and fired up with enthusiasm to practice in their own time. If they return the following week not having done anything, I feel I have failed them. It's up to me to give them the inspiration they need to have a go themselves and to make sure they are having fun.  I am now retired and live in a lovely villa on the Costa Blanca in Spain. I have a fully equipped studio and picturer framing workshop at my home and people come to me for classes. Everyone is therefore able to learn in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I am so busy that I wonder how I ever found time to work!

I teach pastels (both landscape and animal portraits), watercolour and line and wash on several Eurropean painting holidays.
You will find full details of these exciting holidays on my website.  You will also find direct links to the venues for the Painting Holidays.  My website is:


Batchelor of Arts degree (B.A)Qualified teacher of adults and people in further and higher education (Cert.Ed)