Brian Hogg

Harwich, Essex

 I am a self-taught artist and photographer and have been involved in the arts for many years. My free spirit was restrained for commercial reasons during my working life in architecture and building management. When living in London my time was spent in art galleries learning about artists of various genres giving me a solid foundation for years to come.
On my retirement it gave me the chance to break free from the restraining influence and use some of my nervous energy, finding that my painting in acrylic, oils and water colour became loose and relaxed.
Through the years, especially when travelling and painting in the Mediteranean  I have realized that the sensuality of colour surrounds us, and the energy that drives our lives is light. Simple and uncomplicated results give me the most satisfaction.Not being driven by any pre-conceived style other than to be as free and natural as possible is most relaxing and gives way to vibrant and I hope cheerful paintings.
Combined with being a tutor in photography, art, and architecture courses for mature students in community based educational organizations, I have run painting groups in my local area over the years. Various one-man and collective exhibitions in all media have been mounted in Essex and Yorkshire. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to share my finished work with others.
Currently I am a volunteer art tutor to a local group of stroke survivors, The self confidence that grows within such a happy band of artists is amazing. They have held exhibitions at our local hospitals which has introduced them to the sharing process.
My small art groups are informal “pop in sessions” with quality time given on an individual basis. These are linked to more formal sessions on various subjects for example basic composition, tone, colour and links with photography.

Brian Hogg November 2015