Debora Cane

Ely, Cheshire

Debora lives and works in Ely, Cambridgeshire, as an art tutor and maker in pen & ink, ceramics and textiles (stitch, print felt & dye).
She is an enthusiastic art tutor with over 30 years' experience.  All of her courses concentrate on simple concepts and practical techniques and are suitable for everyone; no previous experience is required.  Every session has planned content and takes varying approaches to help students build up their own techniques and style.  She is experienced in creating course proposals for local authority teaching and is always interested in devising courses on new subjects to meet the needs of specialist groups.
Following a brief pottery apprenticeship with Chris Soule in the early 1980s at the Weston Mill Pottery, Debora studied Ceramics at Medway College of Design.  She set up her first studio (Victoria 10) in 1986 making reduction fired, hand-thrown porcelain and stoneware.  She moved to Cambridge in 1992, where she started making oxidised stoneware and rented a studio on City Road in the centre of Cambridge from 1995-1999.  During this time she made large hand-thrown earthenware bowls, general domestic ware in stoneware, developed a new process for large (high-fired) ceramic sculpture and exhibited successfully. She undertook a number of collaborative projects with other artists such as Jane Norman, Mick Abbott and Ali Bishop with whom she made majolica, lustreware and coloured earthenware.  Her work was placed in a number of galleries such as the Julia Heffer Gallery in the centre of Cambridge; she took part in Cambridge Open Studios; East Anglian Potters Association group exhibitions; and held exhibitions of her work at Wysing Arts.
Debora moved to Ely in 2007 where she has established a highly productive collaborative relationship with local artist Emma-Jane Rosenberg.  In recent years she has expanded her interests as a maker to include recycled materials; printed, felted, stitched, hand embroidered and hand dyed textiles; willow; acrylics; and pen & ink. She also has a keen interest in using found objects and recycled materials.  She draws and paints daily (mainly in pen & ink).  She draws and paints daily (mainly in pen & ink) making prints and undertaking illustrations for small commissions.