Eleanor Mann

Sudbury, Suffolk

I live in Sudbury, Suffolk, England.
I paint in pure transparent watercolour although I have painted using all the other mediums in the past.  I am passionate about watercolour.
My paintings reflect my love of architecture, the local countryside and wildlife. I see the beauty in ordinary things preferring the wildflowers that grow along verges or in hedgerows to the more cultivated varieties.
I exhibit regularly around Suffolk and Essex. The details of my current exhibition can be found on my website.
I regularly tutor groups and hold one-to-one sessions.  Time permitting I run day workshops and demonstrate to local Art Groups.
Having painted for some time I identified six key areas all artists struggle with to a greater or lesser degree. I wrote the book, The Watercolour Book (Learn to Paint Anything), which breaks down each of these areas with exercises and illustrations to follow. It is filled with comprehensive information, advice and explanations and is suitable for both experienced artists and beginners. 
I concentrate less on teaching how to paint a particular subject and more on teaching technique, giving you the ability to paint any subject you like in your own style. I hope you are inspired to pick up your brushes and join me in my journey exploring this wonderful, versatile medium.
If you have any questions about my paintings or my art classes please get in touch.




Animal or Wildlife, Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Still Life, Townscape or Streetscene

Favoured Products & Brands

I use 6 colours of Winsor & Newton Professional grade watercolours, Bockingford 140lb NOT paper made by St.Cuthbert's Mill which I pre-stretch onto marine ply boards. I recommend using only 4 brushes; one really big one, one middle size, a rigger and a 1cm flat brush.