Gill Bustamante

Forest Row

I am a professional artist based in Forest Row, East Sussex and this is my large original oil paintings shop.  Although I paint mostly landscapes and seascapes my artworks often feature animals and birds and occasionally people. Most are also available as fine art prints on canvas or archival papers. My painting style is a fusion of semi abstract, traditional, expressionist, impressionist, a little art nouveau and something I refer to as 'Memory Impressionism'. 
I coined the phrase ‘Memory Impressionism’ because my artwork is often created by something seen having visited or walked somewhere - or even something I saw on a wildlife program. I then make a painting that captures my impression of that place along with the colours and the way I felt about it from memory.
My paintings often have slightly mystical elements within them. I try to instill energy and answers in them that I like to think will help bring good fortune to their buyers. I may have the body of a middle aged woman but I have the mind and imagination of an 8 year old and am delighted that I can indulge this inclination in my painting and actually get paid for it. I am not alone in my desire to find magic in the spaces, plants, trees and creatures of nature I think. I may never be rich or famous but that was never my goal. I want the world to be beautiful and people to be happier. Art makes that happen – in all its forms.


Brusho, Oil, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour


Abstract or Experimental, Animal or Wildlife, Artist's Photo: You Paint It, Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Members' Gallery


blue peter badge for painting a mermaid in 1971