Hazel Money


I visit art groups and societies around the Midlands and UK to supply demonstrations and workshops, popular topics and mediums are buildings and landscapes in graphite or acrylic paints, so please drop me a line if you are interested. I'm often available at short notice so if you have a cancellation I may be able to help.

I have lived in Derbyshire all my life and have never tired of trying to capture its contantly changing moods. By keeping to a small scale, I use this “restriction” to help me distil the essence of a scene. Although I work mainly in acrylics for their versatility when out of doors, usually finishing the painting all in one sitting, I also use oil paints whenever practical. I use watercolours often for quick colour sketching outdoors. Using a very limited palette, I prefer to paint whatever stops me in my tracks, preferring the subtleties of an unusual, overlooked view to the popular scene.

In my spare time I also run Field Breaks Art, Derbyshire based provider of professionally tutored specialist interest art and craft workshops, including the ever-popular botanical illustration classes.

I teach a multitude of painting, drawing and printmaking disciplines and never tire of sharing my knowledge with others.


Acrylics, Drawing, Graphite Pencil, Lino Cutting, Mixed Media, Oils, Pen And Wash, Watercolour


Buildings, En plein air, Landscapes, Portrait or Figure, Still Life

Favoured Products & Brands

Heavy body acrylics, good quality hog hair brushes, sable watercolour brushes and any old canvas - preferably used before with lots of arbitary texture.


BA Hons Fine Art