John Ratcliffe

Winchester, Hampshire

I am an Engineer by birth. I got smacked when I was four for dismantling our Bakelite valve wireless to see how it worked.

I enjoy creating. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Software Engineering. Over the years I have done them all, often for money.

I have also been drawing and painting on and off since forever. I still have a couple of paintings I did when I was 10. Somewhere.

For me, the past 15 years have been traumatic. Trapped in a series of Kafkaesque environments, I had truly torrid times at work. It involved a large number of people, some of them genuinely evil, others just plain nasty. Their cumulative behaviour permanently destroyed my relationship with the workplace. I know they keep watching. Activity continues. Stalkers. Creepy. Like the recruitment agency call I got just the other day. A familiar MO. A complete stranger, pretending to be a mate, acting as a proxy, phishing. Still, mustn't grumble. Their persistence, in spite of everything I have said, tells me no one is listening. Carry On Regardless.

Never, ever, forget that your most important possession is your health. Don't stop creating. It is healing and can be very satisfying, although a little frustrating at times.

As a direct result of my work experiences I am in unplanned down time, so I am drawing and painting full time. I have also started writing again. Sci-Fi was my thing. I am not quite sure what my thing is now. I recently rescued my guitar from the dust. Played havoc with my allergies (do you know that one?) I have now just about learned how to hold it again.

It is a real pleasure getting back into the creative groove. Summat to do. Keeps me busy in these odd times. A challenging new journey. Serious fun.

My subjects have always been a celebration of life. Earlier this year I had another life changing experience. I died. This emphasised just how precious and beautiful and fragile life is. Now every day is a solid gold bonus.

I have many interests, including history. As you can see, this directly influences my style and content.

I welcome any observations or comment. I am very open to new thoughts and different perspectives. If you have any questions please get in touch.


Gouache, Oil, Pen And Ink, Pencil, Watercolour


Animal or Wildlife, Flowers, Portraiture, Seascape, Townscape or Streetscene

Favoured Products & Brands

Sennelier watercolours, Daniel Smith watercolours. Faber-Castell pencils. Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper. Staedtler pigment liner 0.05mm pens. Rosemary & Co brushes.