Lynne Pugh

Andover, Hampshire

I have always enjoyed art and when I trained as a teacher I took art as my main subject.I was head of art in a middle School when M.E knocked the stuffing out of me and left me struggling to do anything very much. It was a horrible time but in some ways the best thing that could have happened as that is when I really began to paint and draw. I had a beautiful old chapel as my work space and, as I got stronger, began to run art classes for adults and after school art clubs for children. I began to get comissions and sell in exhibitions and my confidence grew. Now, 11 years down the line I am a busy, full time artist. I love to paint 'large and live' at conferences and shows (6' squares +) but I also love to do very small, meticulous drawings. I still run two weekly classes and travel to different art groups in the south.


Acrylics, Coloured pencils, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil, Oil pastel, Pastel, Pen And Wash, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour, Watercolour Pencil


Abstract or Experimental, Animal or Wildlife, Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Still Life