Meg Phillips

Croesgoch, Pembrokeshire

I’m an artist living on the beautiful, yet wild, Pembrokeshire coast. I create realistic paintings of birds and flowers to be treasured in people’s homes.

My work is inspired by nature; for me birds and flowers evoke nostalgia and I feel they can connect us to places and memories that are special to us. My paintings capture the beauty and intricate details that we so rarely get to enjoy up close in our busy lives.

I paint with watercolours, there is real exquisiteness in their simplicity. The depth of colour, tones and level of detail that can be achieved from a paint made from just pigment and a natural binding agent, arabic gum, is amazing.

Painting with watercolours takes focus, intuition and patience, slowly building up layers and details. With each application of paint there are so many decisions to make, how much water to add, which colours to mix, what type of brush and the marks to make, all before the brush even touches the paper.

I relish the challenge of each and evey painting!




Bird, Flowers

Favoured Products & Brands

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes

Daniel Smith Watercolour Tubes

Arches Aquarelle 100% cotton watercolour paper

Brushes from Winsor and Newton, Daler Rowney and Rosemary & co