Michelle Howard

Dudley, West Midlands

I love all things creative whether thats art, cooking, photography or gardening. It just in my nature to make things look pretty... well at least attempt.
When I was a child, I loved shops like woolworths, WH smith.. and art shops were like aladins caves that needed to be explored. When ever I was goven pocket or holiday money, there were only every 3 choices for me, art supplies being number one, music second and the ocassional barbie doll! (obviously this is no longer on my list!)
At the time my drawing skills were not at there best, but that didn't matter. My need to draw, to colour to design was greater. I have never really followed any ones style, i have developed my own techniques and methods along the way. And in all honesty I have let my gut lead me along the way. The only thing I truly ever new was that art would always play a major role in my life, and no matter what life would chuck at me; i would overcome with my art. In my heart I could never loose.
I was brought up in a town called Rugeley, which is sourrounded by Cannock chase. My love of the out doors and forests has never left me. My art continued as I went through school, gaining a name for my self, i left with top marks in both art and graphics. I went on to college to study graphic design, in the hope that I would become a illustrator. But I fell in love....
In 1997 I was married, not long after I had a yound family. For me this was what I wanted, I was young, my family was young and I was proud to be a wife and mother and still am. But my time was filling up, and my art was getting sqaushed out! my home was too smnall to leave my work unattainted with small childern. So i could never fully devote my self to my learning. I watched programes like water colur challange, wishing I could be sitting by a mannor house painting it to.
By 2001 we moved and I eventually had my own space, and thats where I began to fly!
By 2003 my mom died of cancer, it was very sudden. And my earth was shook, I had never felt the pain I was feeling before. And for me life stopped. Everything I loved and enjoyed had a memory attached. I couldn't paint, because I would never hear her excitement, or her joy; or even be able to express how happy i was that I had an exhibition. My painting halted for almost a year.
Untill i woke up one morning, and looked at my two year old and five year old.. and thought I have to join them, i cant hide, I love you mom, but I have to move on. In that short time things got better. It got even better when my husband came home with a surpise... a kitten. A new little being with no memories attached.
That was it, i was back to work, traing harder then ever. In a short time i developed a website, adverstised my work and got commissions..
2009 i studied photography.. and now I am a fully trained photographer and digital artist. And I can finally say I am where i want to be..


Coloured pencils, Drawing, Pastel, Pen And Ink, Pen And Wash, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour, Watercolour Pencil


Animal or Wildlife, Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Still Life