Mike Sibley

Sessay, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Mike Sibley, a graphite pencil specialist, has been drawing professionally for over 30 years, and is the author of the drawing bible "Drawing from Line to Life". His well-known prints of dog head-studies can be found as far afield as America to South Africa, and Europe to Australia.
Mike now runs online correspondence courses at www.Drawspace.com and physical 2- and 3-day workshops in the UK, USA and Canada. Visit www.SibleyFineArt.com/_workshop.htm for latest dates, locations and full details.
From 1980 to 1989 Mike drew over 50 head-studies of dogs - an open edition range of prints that many believe to be the definitive collection. At that time his publisher was selling over 20,000 prints a year, and the collection continues to sell today.
In 1990, Mike switched to drawing and self-publishing limited edition prints, featuring dogs in their environments. The first print, an Irish Water Spaniel composition, was released at Crufts and sold out in less than three hours. More recently Mike has begun to move into other more diverse subjects.
In 2000 Mike set up his popular website - SibleyFineArt.com - and began writing online tutorials to help less-experienced graphite pencil artists. These tutorials have proved to be very popular and Mike was constantly being asked if he would consider writing a book on the subject. In 2005 he took 18 months away from drawing to write and illustrate "Drawing From Line To Life", his comprehensive 288-page drawing instruction book. More recently, due to many and repeated requests, he has embarked on a series of Workshops.
Mike hosts his own drawing forum at ArtPapa.com in the company of renowned trompe l'oeil artist J.D. Hillberry and master oil painter Alexei Antonov. Mike also designed and personally runs Starving-Artists.net - a website offering artists worldwide exposure for their artwork.
Mike's current major project, from his new purpose-built studio, is the production of Instructional Drawing Videos. Sign up (under "Books") on Mike's website to be kept up to date on progress.


Drawing, Pencil/Charcoal


Animal or Wildlife, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Still Life, Townscape or Streetscene