Nick Ward

Swanage, Dorset

I was trained as an engineer, but had my first of many breakdowns a few months after starting work. I took up painting as it was the skill I most admired in others. It soon became another 'therapy' to help me deal with my problems.

My favourite 'arty' occupation is drawing or painting outdoors. It's a wonderful way to engage with both nature and the elements. When you're sketching outside it's a different world. I also prefer to paint a view which include buildings.

In addition, for a while now, I have been studying encaustic wax painting. These works are much more spontaneous than my normal art, often requiring special techniques. There's a lot to learn, but I have a lovely encaustic workstation in the loft. Another delight!


Encaustic Wax, Mixed Media, Oil pastel, Watercolour


Buildings, En plein air, Landscape, Seascape


OCA Drawing / Drawing in Colour Course 1999
Arts Bursary Holton Lea 2007
Encaustic House Improving Landscapes 2020
Encaustic House Discovering Hotplates 2022