Norman Rossiter

Spalding, Lincolnshire

Moving to the East Midlands after leaving college I worked within the advertising and display industry for sixteen years. In 1986 I became a freelance designer/illustrator and artist.
Having painted many different subjects as a naturalist and ornithologist (twitcher), in 1990 I decided to dedicate all my efforts to painting, what i loved most wildlife and the countryside. I have exhibited throughout the UK and overseas.
My paintings of British wildlife especially Game Birds and Wildfowl are in many private collections and the majority of my work is commissioned.
I have to date had four very successful one-man shows and my work has been exhibited/sold in the very prestigious Mall Galleries and Alex Llewellyn Galleries London, and in Kenya, South Africa, Various European Countries, Australia, and USA. 
I demostrate for many art societies, and hold workshops all over the UK, and run courses in France, and Australia.