Rob Edmondson

Chorley, Lancashire

rob edmondson    A Lancashire Lad Originally a silk screen printer, a ceramicist and throughout a painter, usually, but not exclusively, in oils and acrylics. Taught Art for 40+ years now, from Windsor to the North West of England. Comprehensive to College level. Youngsters to adults. I draw inspiration from the landscapes of the North of England as well as from my travels to places such as: Australia, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand. Whenever and wherever Travel takes me I look at Art and the potential for Art. I admire many artists; currently I admire the way Kurt Jackson sees and executes his work. I revel in the physical manipulation of the paint and experimenting with unusual techniques to gain evocative effects. My paintings are representational. My intention is to interpret what I see. Implicit in each painting is the use of light, colour, depth and movement.  


Acrylics, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil, Pastel, Pen And Wash, Printing, Watercolour


Landscape or Woodland Scene