Tom McGrath

Chester, Suffolk

Tom is a contemporary painter and artist who is also a Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists (SAA).
As well as being an artist Tom is also a writer, actor, poet and member of Mensa ( IQ 158). Tom is also currently studying for a BA Degree in Humanities at the Open University. Tom keeps himself fit by playing golf and walking.
Tom's artwork covers a wide range of subjects using various mediums, some examples of his versatility are on display here but you need to look at his artistsand illustrators website for his current paintings; his work has been praised by leading national and international galleries   Tom is available for personal or corporate commissions and can work from photos.            
Tom has a strong belief that art is within all of us and he has first hand practical experience and knowledge of the theraputic and healing value of art to others. His favourite personal quote sums this up: "Art allows us to express our imagination and creativity in bringing pleasure to our audience" Tom McGrath.