Vandy Massey

Cambridge, West Midlands

“I paint for the sheer pleasure of watching images emerge on the paper and find it thrilling when a picture demands attention.”Vandy Massey started painting in watercolour at the end of 2009.She grew up in South Africa and now lives in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire.  Africa still influences her painting in discernable ways:  She loves strong colours and aims to capture a sense of space or scale in her work. Recent works have also moved towards including textures in her watercolours to emphasise mood and create a dynamic element.Her paintings have been described in the Cambridgeshire Journal as being filled with ‘Joy, energy and colour’.She occasionally works in oils, but watercolour is currently her preferred medium.Her works are part of private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, France and South Africa.Vandy blogs at www.VandyMassey.comFacebook: