Bacon Cheeseburger

John Ratcliffe

What is better than a burger? A cheeseburger. This can only be topped by a bacon cheeseburger, or, even better, a bacon double cheeseburger.

I got a serious craving painting this one. Sadly, burgers are off the menu these days.

As a devout Lancastrian I should be painting Lancashire hotpot, Bury black puddings, tripe or elder. Not as photogenic, but these are my foodie roots. Thursday night was always offal night. Tripe, elder or lamb's liver were the most common dishes on offer. Elder is cow's udder, a brown, wobbly, spongy mass. If it is a white, wobbly, spongy mass, then it is probably tripe.

After Michael James Smith, with thanks. One of his many sites is here:

(I was having an "Eee, by gum" day when I first typed this. I think all my 'e's are now in the right place, or conspicuous by their absence.)

  • Media: Oils
  • Subject: Still Life
  • Size: 12inch x 9inch

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