Black and White Cat with Bamboo

Dbee Robinson

This original artwork was created in Chinese ink and watercolour on Ricepaper, and backed in the authentic Chinese method. 
 Black and white cat with bamboo was created in memory of my rather moody but loveable cat. She often hid in the shrubbery under our bird feeder hoping to catch any birds that landed underneath it. (Pleased to say she was too slow to catch anything) So I brought her East and hid her behind some Bamboo. Fusion art in the pictures content more than media.
I must also add that the 2 stamps on the left hand side, the bottom one is my name and the top one means ‘Love and Light’. The large red stamp in the bottom right hand corner of the painting is from an old Chinese proverb which I found quite lovely “Do not clear and throw away old dry Lotus leaves, as they are still useful giving beautiful music when they are rained on” Reminding us that everything and every one is needed and beautiful in one way or another no matter how old.
Slight frame damage hence low price.

  • Media: Chinese Brush and Ink, Watercolour
  • Subject: Animal
  • Size: 46cm x 64cm
  • Price: £85.00For sale

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