Bluebird Bassinet

Susan Cunniff

This new painting brings to mind a quote, “The bluebird carries the sky on his back”, by Henry David Thoreau. Soft pastel on Pastelmat Board (25 x 35 cm) about 9.5 x 13.5 in.

I was inspired to make this painting by a photo a friend shared of a bluebird nest in a rough-hewn square bird house he had installed on his property. The sight of this gorgeous blue bird brought to mind motherhood and made me nostalgic for my own mother, who passed away some time ago rather unexpectedly.

The bluebird is a symbol of hope, love, and renewal and is also a part of many Native American legends. It symbolizes the essence of life and beauty. Often referred to as "the bluebird of happiness", they are generally associated with the concepts of joy, honesty, and harmony.

  • Media: Pastel
  • Subject: Bird
  • Size: 9.5inch x 13.5inch

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