David Wildblood

The reference material was from an old photo I took in Brittany at a lovely fishing port called Camaret-sur-Mer over twenty years ago, the boat was derelict and going rusty and looked like it had been beached for quite sometime. I’ve tried to portray the rust and dereliction – not easy.

I looked the boat number (CM185160) up on Google and found a recent picture of the boat, still there and even more neglected. It was registered in 1960 at Camaret as being named Dominique, hence the title. I believe the French fishermen abandon their boats to rest in peace once they come to the end of a useful life, I think they believe the boats have a soul.

Rest In Peace Dominique.

  • Media: Pastel
  • Subject: Seascape
  • Size: 9inch x 12inch

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