Gill Bustamante

Epiphany is a large oil painting 40x40x1.5 inches in very thick Van Gogh type paint of a dark forest and a beautiful sunny clearing beyond it. The trees are dark but with patches of colour where the light hits them and the path also has intense patches of light showing the purples, pinks and gold of fallen leaves. The path leads from a very dark woodland out into a bright summer clearing where a group of Roe deer are enjoying the sun in a field of wildflowers and grass. One of them has seen us though and she has an epiphany at the same time as the viewer does. The inspiration for this painting is the happiness I feel when I come out of a path through a forest in to a clearing. I always panic a bit in woodland as I have no sense of direction at all but I love woodland anyway. I find going from darkness into lightness a very uplifting experience and am always happy when deer are present as they often are around Sussex.

  • Media: Oil
  • Subject: Landscape or Woodland Scene
  • Size: 40inch x 40inch
  • Price: £1500Sold

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