Mixed Media Chimp Triptych

David Allen

Last year I bought a sketch of a chimp by an artist called Zoe Robinson and every day I see it’s sorrowful eyes looking down on me. So I decided to have a go at painting a chimp myself - but wasn’t sure what medium to use. In the end I decided to give it a go in three different ones. I did the first in acrylics and having read a couple of SAA “splash of inspiration”s recently by Hashim Akib I tried to be bold and colourful. The second was in ink and watercolour and the third was with pastels. In the end I felt they looked okay as a threesome and belonged together.

  • Media: Acrylics, Ink Pens, Pastel, Watercolour
  • Size: 79.5cm x 27.5cm

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