Mother's Hands

Geraldine Darlington

While painting this, I thought of my late mother’s hands. They were so like these hands that it became quite an emotional experience for me. This was an exercise set by Mike Skidmore and I am very glad I did it after taking up oil painting during the pandemic.

Realising I needed to understand more about the nature of oil painting, having focussed on water colours and the odd acrylic in the past, I was lucky enough to get some online tuition from the wonderful Mike Skidmore, with whose permission I have entered this painting. I was taken by his self effacing response when I asked for permission, which was, “My tuition is only a tiny part of the equation, it is your skill that has made them into really good artworks.” A truly generous and inspiring tutor.

  • Media: Oils
  • Subject: Portraiture
  • Size: 13inch x 11inch

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