Out of the Forest

Gill Bustamante

Out of the Forest is a large oil painting, 36x48x1.5 inches, of a view through the trees of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex to the heathland and fields beyond. It was inspired by the fact that I live very close to the forest and often walk there. The reality of this painting is a little strange. I wanted it to contrast being ‘realistic’ as well a little abstract and have therefore experimented by adding extra shapes and layers and hinting at other things but without losing the overall feeling of a warm golden space under the pine trees contrasted against the colder colours, blues and green of the landscape beyond. To the right of the painting a small deer stag can be seen looking back at us. He is quite well hidden. As a regular walker, I am fascinated by how much landscapes change at different times of day and in different seasons and wanted to try and capture this ever changing reality. See video about it: https://youtu.be/G4XSmW_8qfc

  • Media: Oil
  • Size: 48inch x 36inch
  • Price: For sale

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