Ponte Vecchio, Florence

John Ratcliffe

The medieval bridge seen from the Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi was originally built as offices for the Medici family.

There is a corridor above the bridge, connecting the Medici Palace on the other side of the River Arno, to the Uffizi. This enabled them to move unseen between home and office. They could not be certain who was watching them, or what was being plotted. They didn't trust their "friends", never mind their enemies. Still common problems. Workplace. Internet. There is no helpful corridor in these places.

This bridge was the only one not destroyed during the German retreat in WWII.

  • Media: Pen And Ink
  • Subject: Cityscape, Townscape or Streetscene, Waterscene; Boats or Seascape
  • Size: 29.5cm x 21cm

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