River Spell

Gill Bustamante

River Spell is a large colourful contemporary oil painting showing a kingfisher flying along a riverbank in summertime. Along the riverbank semi abstract flowers and a few trees compete for attention. The painting is textured and has an atmosphere of a late summer afternoon. It has been built up of several layers which overlap and make the scene ambiguous. I like the idea of worlds overlapping or being able to move from one universe to another and that is what the kingfisher is doing. She is casting a spell and flickering though veils. This is the third in a kingfisher series of paintings I have painted this year and was inspired by the first real life sighing I had of a kingfisher last summer. I am so used to watching wildlife on Countryfile that I get ridiculously excited when I see it for myself. These are gorgeous little birds and the river Ouse, which I was walking along in Sussex, was also beautiful as were the wildflowers that grow along the edges. This is dedicated to fellow wa

  • Media: Oil
  • Subject: Abstract or Experimental
  • Size: 48inch x 36inch
  • Price: £1650For sale

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