Sheeps Sorrel in the Hedgerow

Debbie Cullis

This is Sheep's Sorrel found in the roadside verges. I like to be a passenger in a car and paint all the wild flowers along the roadside whilst my boyfriend is driving through the roads of the Isle of Lewis.
I was inspired by the work of Alison Board and her DVD of painting cowslip and daisies in a contemporary style.
I painted this using masking fluid to paint it bitty and dotty on the Sorrel and dried thistles. Then, I used a sepia pen to drew in detail on the Sorrel. I painted the background in watercolour then rubbed off the masking fluid and filled in with acrylic paint in burnt sienna, cadmium red and orange.

  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Subject: Flowers or Gardens
  • Size: 30cm x 40cm
  • Price: £225For sale

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