Spring Waits - a large woodland abstract with bluebells, lakes and trees

Gill Bustamante

Spring Waits is 40x40x1.5 inches large oil painting of a woodland clearing in the bluebell season. It is semi abstract and slightly art nouveau in style and has been painted so that some of it is blurred looking and some is sharp. Shapes are hinted at but are not traditionally painted so it looks abstract and yet is very realistic. It was very simply inspired by English spring woodlands in April in the Sussex and Kent area where I regularly walk. You can find thousands of patches of woodland and forests which become most magical when the bluebells and other wildflowers come out. There is tantalizing scent in the air and a wonderful sense of nature in anticipation added to by the first butterflies and bird song and glimpses of deer, foxes and squirrels. What I tried to capture in this painting is the quiet determination of nature to do as it has always done regardless and oblivious to whatever madness the world is dramatizing. If all this painting does is encourage people to go walk in the country somewhere then I am happy. It is painted on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame needed, ready to hang.

  • Media: Oil
  • Subject: Abstract or Experimental, Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Members' Gallery, Waterscene; Boats or Seascape
  • Size: 40x40
  • Price: £1350Sold

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