The Devourer of Bones

Alanda Calmus

Energy channelled through Root Chakra

Themes: Transformation, death and rebirth. Releasing the past. Letting go of fear. Shedding the parts of the self that prevent growth. Moving past limiting beliefs. Dissolving previous versions of ourselves in order to reinvent who we want to be. Strength and protection. Support through the process of grief. Awareness of mortality and the need to live in the present. Surrender the idea of control.

Theban Script reads “I am a perfect being of light, I have the power to transform my life”

Artist’s note: There is immense strength of purpose in this piece. To me it feels like Phoenix energy, a release of all that no longer serves, being reborn and flying up out of the ashes of the past to begin the next stage of your journey unencumbered by fear or doubt.

  • Media: Acrylics, Mixed Media
  • Subject: Animal or Wildlife, Bird, Fantasy, Portrait or Figure
  • Size: 39cm x 55cm
  • Price: £750Sold

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