The Gathering Storm, Mlini, Croatia

Margaret Ellis

I went out to this rocky bay in Croatia on a bitterly cold day in April. A storm was gathering and an icy wind was blowing. I set up my easel and drew out the picture but my fingers became too cold to hold a brush properly and the wind kept blowing my easel over so I called it a day, took lots of photographs, and went back to the warmth of the hotel. Much later when I was back in England I used the photos to create this picture in collage. The rocks are done with scrunched up tissue paper, painted and rubbed over with oil pastel. There is real debris on the rocks - a tiny piece of netting and a bit of wood. The rest of the painting is done in watercolour, acrylic and oil pastel with some pen and ink. The whole picture is quite 3-dimensional which is not apparent from this image. It was sold the first time it was exhibited.

  • Size: 17 x 13 inches

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