The Ravens Quest - large original oil painting with flying ravens in semi abstract winter landscape

Gill Bustamante

The Ravens Quest is a 40x40 inches large original oil painting on canvas of ravens flying high above a Sussex winter landscape intent on a quest. The style is slightly playful, semi abstract with lots of interesting shapes and bright art nouveau type colours. I often walk around in fields between Forest Row, and Hartfield, in Sussex, and there is a large rookery I often pass which fascinates me and inspired this painting. Ravens, crows and birds generally are the background sound many of us hear all the time but often do not register it as we blank it out - as we do traffic noise. However I can't help wondering what these intelligent birds are saying. Another influence to this painting was a story I saw in the news recently about a girl who receives gifts from crows when she feeds them. I am sure there is more to ravens and crows than we so far know and this is why this painting has a slightly mystical, fairy story narrative to it. I don't know what the ravens quest is but I am sure they have one! This painting is dedicated to birds - my life is better for them - and their continuous background chatter and song - I hear the Elbow song 'The Birds' as I look at it :-) Painted is on deep edge canvas with white edges and is ready to hang.

  • Media: Oil
  • Subject: Abstract or Experimental, Animal or Wildlife, Landscape or Woodland Scene
  • Size: 40x40
  • Price: £1350Sold

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