The Way Out - a large woodland oil painting with golden stag

Gill Bustamante

The Way Out is a large woodland oil painting, 36x48x1.5 inches and is painted on deep edge canvas with white edges, no frame needed, ready to hang. The painting is semi abstract, expressive and gestural in style and shows a woodland path leading though an ancient forest. Light shines through the trees at the edge of the forest and the light sparkles onto the path inviting the walker to step through to the edge and see what is on the other side. A golden stag stands watching between the trees. Deer are traditionally spiritual guides in many cultures and I like the feeling that they know more than they let on. It is a mystery to me how some people want to hunt them. The colours are purples, gold, yellow and magenta which hint at a sunset and the season is autumn turning into winter. It was inspired by a walk near the Tunbridge Wells - area of England that used to be covered in a massive forest and still retains thousand of pockets of ancient woodland which still retain their own identities and fairy tale qualities...

  • Media: Oil
  • Subject: Animal or Wildlife, Artist's Photo: You Paint It, Landscape or Woodland Scene
  • Size: 36x48

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