Alanda Calmus

Energy channelled through solar plexus

Themes: Breaking down barriers and clearing obstacles on your path. Once a course is set you can expect to make quick progress. Clears resistance to change and fear of the unknown. Support and guidance. Sound advice and trusted counsel. Strength and determination to succeed. Drive and willpower. Confidence. Rapid growth. Success and prosperity.

Artist’s note: When I started working, the first messenger to appear to me was the ram. In fact it wasn’t until I thought I was finished painting that I caught a glimpse of the grasshopper. It was as if the energy of the ram had burst through in the first instance and then afterwards came the whisper of his little friend “Hello, I’m here to show you the way and get you there in an instant!”. It feels to me as if they work as a team, the ram breaking through any blockages and the grasshopper launches them forwards on their path, he knows the right direction to travel in and is happy to guide you on your jo

  • Media: Acrylics, Mixed Media
  • Subject: Abstract or Experimental, Animal, Animal or Wildlife, Fantasy, sheep, Wildlife
  • Size: 48cm x 33cm
  • Price: £550For sale

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