Carl Firstbrook

Another lockdown painting - Woody Woodpecker comes to our bird feeders most mornings between 5am and 6am. He hammers at the peanuts as if he’s trying to knock a hole in them.
It’s lovely to have such a beautiful bird in the garden. He’s very shy though.
I expect I’m showing my age naming him Woody. I’m sure younger generations think of ‘Toy Story’ instead of Bugs Bunny and friends.
Painted for local exhibition later in the year which may not now go ahead due to corvid 19. So this painting could well be up for sale in a couple of months.
Dimensions given include the frame with 12mm graphite grey moulding, double mount and clear glass.

  • Media: Watercolour
  • Subject: Bird
  • Size: 31.2cm x 35.2cm

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