Friends and Family Challenge

Closing date: 21/01/2021

As a society, we’re so focused on instant gratification, that it’s easy for everything else to get lost. Before the pandemic, when was the last time you sat still and enjoyed life as it is? There’s a good chance you never have, even now. What this period has taught us is
that there are always positives to be found, even when that silver lining is attached to a threatening storm cloud.
For many of us, that has manifested in a new sense of appreciation for even the smallest of things. So, for our 2021
Challenge, we have decided to focus on three simple pleasures.

The first has the theme: ‘Friends and family.’ One thing the past year has really taught us is the value of the people around us, especially when we haven’t been able to see them because of lockdown.

Image used from Painting Portraits in Oil by Rob Wearing


This competition closed on 21st January 2021. See our winners gallery below.
Friends and Family Challenge