Wall of Positivity

Closing date: 30/06/2020

Here at the SAA we love to spread creativity and simple colourful joy among our lovely members, and what we need – now more than ever – is a sprinkling of happiness. So the SAA has decided to launch the Wall of Positivity.

Paint or draw whatever is keeping you positive in these turbulent times. Anita has started us off, you can read her blog post here, explaining that it’s little things that usually go unnoticed which are keeping her upbeat.

So whether it’s your pets, extra time in your garden or catching up on your favourite tv show – paint your positive vibes and share them with us. Together we can build each other up, be present for our fellow painterly friends and come out the other side.


Open to anyone

Wall of Positivity

How to Enter

  1. Gather all your favourite materials and decide what you would like to paint.
  2. Ideally paintings should be postcard sized (140 x 95mm) and landscape orientation
  3. Tell us how and why you painted it
  4. Give it an eye-catching title
  5. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work
  6. Upload it to the challenge from this page
Enter online

Simply click on ‘Enter Challenge’ at the top of this page and follow the instructions from there.


Ideally paintings should be postcard sized (140 x 95mm) and landscape in orientation.

Entries must be your own work.  If you have used another artists’ painting, tuition or photograph as your inspiration, please ensure you have gained the appropriate authorisation to publish the image and be sure to credit them accordingly – for example ‘after a painting by…’ or ‘from a photograph of…’