Finished and More More Than

Finished and More More Than

Held by Anne Fontenoy

Group exhibition of 20 artists from Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum. This was the physical show from 26th January to 12th February 2022 Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks.

It was a combination of some images of 2 online shows from 2021. More Than, in which each artist swapped one of their works with another and changed it. The second online show More More Than was some of the same, but most artists chose one of their own works that needed finishing. The question was, what makes an artwork finished? The show is the result of the work with a lot of different answers.

My image is Droplet. When I had framed it for the physical show, I felt that it was finally "finished" whereas when it was an image online of a piece of paper I was not sure if it was finished or not. The mount and frame just toned with the picture, making it look like a finished piece.

More More Than is still on line at where you can see the development of the works.


Mixed Media


Abstract or Experimental


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