Flora Mundi

Flora Mundi

Held by J Neale


A celebration of all things botanical, shown through plant portraits, in various mediums, that aim to reflect the variety and wonder of our natural world.

This celebration draws attention to the many ways that plants evoke our senses - visually through reminding us of the beauty of a humble cabbage leaf, of the warmth of the sun through the depiction of luscious pomegranates and the delicacy and wonder of the structure of a plant seen in the graphic depiction of Lichen on a branch.

Overall, this exhibition aims to highlight the breadth and awe of nature and the ancient art of portraying plants, not just for scientific purposes, but also for their aesthetic qualities. The pictures allow us another way of bringing nature into our homes.


Coloured pencils, Drawing, Pen And Ink, Watercolour


Flowers, Plants, Still Life


The Granary Gallery, Weston Park, Weston-under-Lizard, Shifnall, Shropshire, TF11 8LE
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