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The SAA offers a world of inspiration at your fingertips. From tutorials and demonstrations to bringing like-minded creatives together; we’re one of the largest and friendliest art communities around, so dive in and be inspired.

Here’s just a flavour of demonstrations and inspiration from a few of our favourite demos that we think you might enjoy.

Catch up with Jo Allsopp!

Click the image below to watch Jo create Resting Raccoon in Watercolour Mixed Media.

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Last of Autumn in Watercolour

Watch Jason Skill as he demonstrates how to capture the delicate late Autumn foliage in watercolour.

Fish in Brusho

Join SAA In-House Artist Anita Pounder as she works wonders with Brusho and creates a stunning fish using this versatile medium.

Schmincke Super - Granulating Colours

Join Alison for a guided tour through the amazing world of super-granulating watercolours!

Abbey Sunset

Join the watercolour master himself, Matthew Palmer, as he creates this gorgeous sunset scene.

Step-by-step guides

We’ve put together a collection of hints, tips and advice from some of our favourite artists; designed to inspire and guide so that you can learn new skills or progress further in your artist journey – we’d love to see your creations.

Unlock The secrets to creating mixed media with Alison C Board Discover how to Care for Your favourite Brushes with Anita Pounder How To Paint A Rose Using Watercolours with Anita Pounder Artist Julia Woning shares 4 Tips for Painting On Black Paper

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Get involved with our painting challenges!

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