Matthew Palmer -

Introducing Matthew Palmer Sky and Cloud Brushes - Tutorials (VoD + DVD)

In this video, Matthew will show you how to get the most from his Sky and Cloud brushes.

Made from the finest synthetic sable hair, the unique angled shape of these new brushes from Matthew Palmer allows you to create realistic skies, beautiful rolling clouds and apply washes with ease.

From simple blue skies to stunning sunsets, silhouetted clouds to white fluffy clouds, these brushes have a wide base that sweepingly tapers to a fine point. Lay the brushes flat to the paper and the brush will open, giving the perfect cloud shape.

If you’ve lacked confidence with skies or struggled with brush techniques to create natural cloud shapes, then these brushes are the ideal tools for you.

“I’ve been using a rolling or twisting technique for skies for years and noticed how students struggle with it – the shape of these brushes solves the problem and allow a smooth flow of paint”

Matthew Palmer, SAA Professional Artist