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See reference materials

SAA Live - Matthew Palmer Workshop - An Hawaiian Sunset Seascape in Watercolour

Join Matthew this morning as he creates a live demonstration of a beautiful sunset seascape scene.

Please see the materials list of what Matthew will be using, with links to our shop website if you wish to purchase any of his Paints and Brushes. Matthew has also given some alternatives where possible that you may have at home instead.

Paint with the materials you have to hand!

Matthew’s natural violet (or intense violet)

Matthew’s  natural yellow light (or cadmium yellow or aureolin)

A large round brush – size 20 or 16

A medium round brush – size 12 or 10

A small round brush – size 5 or 6

Matthew Palmer blending blades (optional but will paint super clouds)

Matthew Palmer’s branch & detail brushes (or rigger size 2)

Matthew Palmer lift out brush (optional for highlights)