Become an SAA Professional Associate

As a valued professional member of the SAA, you’re at the heart of what the SAA stands for – that is, being able to inspire artists of all abilities to make the most of their art, wherever they are in the world.

We recognise that you’re a vital part in helping spread awareness of the SAA amongst your network of students, in your workshops, demonstrations and other artistic activities.

If you’re already a Gold or Platinum member, you have the opportunity of becoming a Professional Associate (PA) with us – find out more below.

What are the advantages of being a professional associate?

Help grow the SAA family
Once enrolled as a PA we’ll send you a promotional pack to get you started – this will include personalised postcards and leaflets about membership. Each of our PAs has a unique joining code to share with their students.

Simply hand the postcards out to your students and return them back to us or get them to complete the form at – your unique code allows us to identify that you have recommended a student. We will reward you with 25p of loyalty points per card returned to us.

Loyalty points for new members
For every member that you recruit, you’ll be awarded £10 of loyalty points. We’ll also send you a quarterly statement of how many points you have received from recruiting new members and returning postcards to us. Your loyalty points can be used for art materials, advertising in Paint magazine or even against the renewal of your membership*.

Trade Account
The SAA has over 23,000 products to offer yourself and your students to help achieve the best you can with high-quality products. If you’re a teaching artist, you may need to buy bulk for each class or simply a requested order. With an SAA trade account, we’ve applied discounts of up to 50% to many of our most popular products. This will allow you to make a profit on art supplies instead of breaking the bank. Our only rule is you do not sell the products on at a higher price than us.

We encourage our PA’s to raise their profile by using the community area available on our SAA website. Listing tuition you can offer, forthcoming exhibitions, a detailed biography and any videos you may have will help to promote yourself to the SAA community and beyond. We also offer a feature in our Paint magazine for new PAs to welcome you to the community.

We are always looking for ways we can work together with our artists and provide new inspiration, our live workshops at SAA HQ, Facebook Live events blog posts and more!If you need further information or you have a question about being a PA, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Ready to sign up to be a PA? Fill in our application form today.

If you need further information or you have a question about being a PA, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Find out more about helping to grow the SAA family

Alison C Board explains more about how you can earn loyalty points for helping grow the SAA family.

Terms and conditions

25p in loyalty points will not be awarded for returned cards that contain the details of current SAA member.  You must have the equivalent amount of points to the cost of your membership in order to redeem points against your membership (for example, gold members must have £85 worth of loyalty points to redeem against).  To redeem your points against membership, please contact us at  Points will only be awarded for recruited members who join within 12 months of being referred to the SAA.  We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.