Paint magazine

March 2021

We hope you enjoy reading this exclusive digital copy of Paint magazine – it’ll provide oodles of inspiration, knowledge and support for your artistic journey.

A few things to look forward to include Alison C Board trying out Schmincke’s brand new Liquid Charcoal (with charming results), Matthew Palmer’s take on a blue and gold Macaw parrot and Ghislaine Walsh’s surprised hare in coloured pencil.  Meanwhile, art tutor Mike Draper shows us an example of how he’s been teaching his students online, and overleaf we see paintings from the students themselves!

Although the International Watercolour Masters has once again been postponed for everyone’s safety, we can reveal the three talented SAA winners whose work will be hanging alongside the Masters at next year’s exhibition. Additionally, we give you a sneak preview into this year’s Artists of the Year competition, which has been streamlined and restructured. The full reveal will be in the next issue!

On a more personal note, I would like to say editing this magazine gives me a real sense of satisfaction. I’m always amazed by the standard of work included amongst its pages and how talented you are as a collective community, whatever your level of ability. It’s a pleasure to be part of the SAA. I hope you feel the same.

Happy painting and drawing!